✣ How do I make a booking?


You can request a tattoo appointment through the booking form on my website. I will review it over the following weeks and if I’m able to accommodate your request I will reach back out via email

Once we have agreed on a session, I will ask you to secure your spot with a deposit - note: I won’t be able to pen you in my diary until your deposit has come through

Once everything is confirmed for you, you will receive an invite with all the information for your session 


✣ How long does it take for you to get back to me?


I aim at replying within a couple of weeks from your request (you may want to check your spam folder too, sometimes emails end up there) 

During particularly busy times, or when I expect to be travelling, I might put the bookings on hold until further notice - in this case I will drop a note at the bottom of the booking form with my estimated dates

✣ How much do you charge?


My tattoo fees vary according to size, placement and level of detail of the design and they reflect my time, experience, skills, style, costs of equipment, taxes, studio expenses and the safe space and comfortable clean environment I’m providing 

I have grouped the price tiers in time brackets, so you can get a realistic idea of how much tattooing you can expect in a session. I won’t charge from the minute you step into my studio, though the fee you pay does include up to one hour consultation and stencilling, and aftercare

✣ How do I pay?


I usually prefer Paypal transactions, though you can pay for your tattoo any way that is convenient to you

You will be asked to pay part of the total fee upfront as a deposit, the remaining amount can be settled at the end of your appointment

✣ Can I book more than one tattoo in one day?


Yes, you get as many tattoos as you like in one session. This way the price per single piece is less than if it were done on its own.

You also have the option to book a full day session, and get as many tattoos as we can make in 8 hours

✣ Can I request a custom design?


Sure! I do consider requests for custom designs that are in line with my key subjects and aesthetics

You can send your references together with your booking form, I will prepare the design and show you a draft in the days leading up to your session or on the day of your appointment 

✣ Do you repeat tattoo designs?


Most of my flash designs are repeatable, as long as the choice of placement is original and not copied from a tattoo I’ve done before 

There is a limit to how many times I’m willing to repeat a design and - as my style evolves -  I might not be down for tattooing a flash piece I have drawn years ago 

✣ Can I change my tattoo design from what I have requested in the form?


Sure you can, as long as the new design fits in the time I have booked you for (you can also browse through my flash book on the day and make your final choice then)

I would appreciate a heads-up at any point, so I can come to the session prepared

✣ Is there anything or any body parts you won’t tattoo?


I won’t tattoo other artists work, or anything that that could be considered offensive for any community or individual  

I’m happy to tattoo any type of skin, though I will advise if a specific design is not suitable for certain placements (i.e. fine details on hands and fingers, or straight shapes on ribs)

✣ Where is the studio?


I am currently based in Hackney Central, E9. 

I will share an invitation with the exact location details, including a picture of the building and a map of the neighbourhood, as soon as your appointment has been confirmed


✣ What if I’m late for my session?


I understand that sometimes circumstances can make you late for your appointment.

However a late start might trip my schedule for the day, so if you think you are running more than 15 minutes late to your appointment I will have to ask you to reschedule and put down a new deposit

✣ Can I cancel my appointment?


Of course you can. You have the right to change your mind up until the very last minute

However, if you have already placed a deposit, I will retain part of it as admin expenses 

If you need to move your session to a different day and you are able to let me know with a 48 hour notice I will find you a new spot in my diary keeping the original deposit

✣ Do you do cover-ups?


My style of tattooing is not suitable for cover-ups, unless the tattoo you are wishing to cover is very simple or very much faded 

✣ Do you tattoo on all skin tones?


Yes! Absolutely all skin tones and skin types are welcome

✣ Do you do tattoo colours?


I mainly tattoo in black ink, though I can consider red for specific designs 

✣ Do you do touch-ups?


One touch-up is included in the tattoo fee, you can email me a picture of the healed piece you’d like to get retouched and I will book you in for a top up session 

✣ Can I ask for a patch test?


Absolutely, if you have any concerns regarding possible adverse reactions to the materials I use, you can book a free patch test in the week leading up to your planned session 

✣ What technique do you use?


I practise handpoke tattooing, also known as stick and poke, so I basically use the needle to draw directly on your skin without the power of a tattoo gun

It is considered to be a less invasive approach and a technique that is more suitable for delicate, small and detailed work

✣ How do your tattoos heal?


You can expect a healed tattoo that has a soft appearance, with low to medium saturation tones of grey 

There is no substantial difference between a fine handpoke tattoo and a single needle machine one, and the final look and longevity of the piece mainly comes down to the individual’s skin type

✣ How do I get ready for a session?


Make sure you have food, water and a good night sleep in you, and avoid alcoholic drinks or any other kind of blood thinners (Aspirin etc)

Wear comfortable clothes, possibly nothing too precious - as though I will make my best to keep your garments clean, there will be ink and transfer material around you

You can also prepare your skin by shaving, scrubbing and moisturising the night before your appointment, and avoid having fake tan on the part you are planning to get tattooed on

Over the week leading up to your session avoid long exposure to sun or heat and any treatment that might result in high skin sensitivity (e.g. use of retinoids or exfoliants in that specific area) 

✣ How do I take care of my tattoo?


At the end of your session I will suggest the best aftercare procedure and products specific to the body part you got tattooed on.

Generally speaking I will ask you to avoid direct sunlight, swimming and soaking your healing tattoo, and to apply moisturiser until the tattoo is fully settled (usually within a couple of weeks)


✣ ✣  Anything else you need to ask drop me an email at  ✣ ✣




And everything you’ve been asking about The Handpoke Kit


✣ Is it safe?


All the supplies included in the kit are only safe to use for the indicated purpose, in accordance with the specific health and safety guidelines illustrated in the video tutorials. We’re not liable for any complications caused by the improper use of the material provided

We provide disposable nitrile/vinyl gloves, which are safe if you suffer from latex allergy and they’re free from powder

Patch testing is always recommended for the ink. The needles are strictly single-use and any unused ink needs to be disposed two months after the bottle has been opened


✣ Do I need to be an expert?


Not at all! My tips if you’re an absolute beginner are: 

Have a go on the silicon mat beforehand, to practise the different ways the needle can enter the surface

Can’t stress this enough, the layer that gets inked is pretty superficial

Make sure the stencil or mark is clear and dry when you tattoo, that helps in the process

Start light, you can always go over your lines or dots and touch them up later on

Always keep your area clean and tidy


✣ Do you ship internationally?


We do! 


When placing your order, make sure you include as many details as possible about your address and phone number, as it's often a mandatory requirement from the couriers


✣ How long does it take for it to arrive?


UK -  The kits are posted every other day via Royal Mail Second Class. Delivery time to UK addresses is typically 2-3 working days from the day it’s posted. You will receive an email once the kit has been dispatched

USA & Rest of the World - Delivery time to the US is typically 2 weeks from the day it’s posted

EUROPE - For European deliveries, delivery time is typically 2-3 working days from the day it’s posted


✣ Do you accept returns?


Nope, the kit is not returnable 


✣ Can I have a custom design in the kit?


No, but you can buy the right to reproduce any of my designs from my shop 

✣ Are there any age limitations?


You strictly must be 18+ to purchase and use this product


✣ Is there any tutorial I can follow?


The kit comes with three video tutorials you can follow that will help you get started and safely practise tattooing at home. If you are interested in learning more I have a Patreon page you can head to. There you can find real time tattoo videos and more technical tutorials, as well as a dedicated space where you can ask me whatever question you may have


✣ Are the needles you supply the smallest size?


The basic version of The Handpoke Kit comes with three professional tattoo needles (5 round liner) which is the second thinnest

If you need a range of sizes you can find a selection of 3, 5 and 7 round liner needles in the PRO version of the kit 


✣ I need a refill, do I need to buy the whole thing?


No, you can just purchase the top-up kit which includes three 5RL needles, three ink cups, three alcohol pads, three moist wipes and three wooden sticks.